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A Word From MiniVivo’s Founder

👋 Hello there, I’m C.A. Walker, the creator of MiniVivo. Over a decade ago, I embarked on a journey to positively change my life. I realized that I needed to break free from the conventional ways of living and find a way to take a much-needed break.

To achieve this, I decided to let go of my possessions and take a leap of faith to never return to regular employment. I turned my passion into my primary business and helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their dreams and lead fulfilling lives.

Through my long journey, I developed MiniVivo, a philosophy that has become my way of life. It all started with a simple idea while relaxing in a Costa Rican hammock. By focusing on the small things I can control in my life, I have gifted myself the ability to live on my terms. This mindset has been a source of inspiration for me and has helped me achieve my goals.

I hope my story inspires you to step toward your dreams and make a positive change in your life.

Featured on
Press: AmEx OPEN Forum, intuit blog, Boston Herald, San Jose Mercury News

What Clients Have Said

An invaluable asset to my business, particularly as my company expanded internationally. Her expertise in all things digital has been crucial in helping me adapt my business to the internet and grow a multi-national customer base.

J. Santos


Possesses a rare ability to think outside the box, which is a highly valuable skill in today’s ever-changing world. Her contributions have been instrumental in transforming our company allowing us to reach beyond the confines of our town.

A. Parker


Outstanding digital product strategy expert who truly helped me 10x my business. Their strategic insights and guidance were invaluable in helping me navigate the digital landscape and identify new opportunities for growth.

M. Armstrong


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